Our Mission
And Vision.

Success is a matter of focus. We always focus on success. It’s that simple.

Our primary collective focus every step of the way is always on what’s important and right. Our experience has taught us that when the focus is that precise, all other factors fall into place.


Adroitly and ethically engage challenges that inspire our clients, thrill our employees, and attract the best suppliers and professionals to work with us, providing the finest technical service experience in the industry.


To distinguish ourselves with grit and gratitude every day.

Our offices are strategically located across the eastern US in regions that best support our clients and their needs – and also happen to be some of the best places to live and grow. Although each location houses a dedicated team of leaders, engineers, and technicians, we function together as one family of professionals.

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Our Values & Culture

Meet Our Leadership

We are a team of leaders who believe
that anything is possible.

Our leadership team dovetails to continually enable and support company-wide success with employees who are the best in their respective fields. We recognize and accept the responsibility that comes with the opportunity to lead customers through the complex challenges of today’s wired and wireless systems – and help them win.


Michael McPhee

Principal and President

Marcus McPhee

Principal and President

Ed McCarty

Principal and President

Sandor Dizes

Chief Financial Officer


Michael McPhee

Principal and President

Jake McPhee

FEC Representative


Marcus McPhee

Principal and President

Maxton McPhee

Vice President Utility

Clay Paniati

Vice President Commercial


Mike Balinskas

Vice President

Mason McPhee

Director of VDC Innovation


Dave Hewitt

General Manager

Michael McPhee

Principal and President


Dave Huska

Executive Vice President

Joe Daley

Executive Vice President

Ed McCarty

Principal and President

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