BIM through Prefabrication

PrefabricationEngineering Design, VDC Management & BIMDatacenters & Critical Facilities

Engineered assemblies flow from the BIM and coordination team straight to our 100,000 square foot production floor. This method of planned and scheduled delivery of prefabricated sections to the field assures productivity, limited downtime, and aggressive project schedule completion. Complete assembly of panelboards and related components to finger safe connections, large assemblies of complex switchgear, transformers, and conduit, allows for Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC) activity to happen in a controlled environment and minimizes field time and site vagaries required for tightly scheduled projects. Acceptance and electrical testing are accomplished prior to site delivery, further limiting onsite time and requirements. Significant secondary and tertiary benefits occur with control over safety related hazards in a controlled work environment plus a reduction in onsite waste material management.