Supplier Relations

As an industry leader in the electrical and communication infrastructure industry, Phalcon is focused on enhancing its supply chain through diversity, quality and ethics.

Phalcon aims to foster supplier relationships that are mutually beneficial.  Companies that seek to do business with us must demonstrate the ability to add value and provide high-quality goods and services that are competitively priced, reliable, and aligned with our superior level of service.

Diverse Business Outreach

We recognize that having a diverse supplier pool is a major competitive advantage and a powerful business tool. Our supplier diversity mission is to proactively identify, build relationships with, and purchase goods and services from diverse suppliers across our nation.

Phalcon’s policy advocates that diverse suppliers will have an equal opportunity to be included in the company’s strategic sourcing and procurement process.

Our supplier diversity program seeks to align business needs with qualified partners of small, minority, women-owned, veteran-owned, or any other disadvantaged businesses as well as provide mentoring to help foster growth of diverse businesses.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Phalcon fosters a culture of ethics, therefore it is vital that our suppliers hold the same level of conduct. Together, as partners, we can achieve performance excellence and high-quality customer service.

Phalcon’s Supplier Code of Conduct, explains the behaviors we expect from our suppliers. Our Supplier Code of Conduct document stands in addition to any specific contractual agreements or master agreements in place.

Download the Supplier Code of Conduct here.

Get Qualified:

Phalcon procures services, material and equipment across several industries and seeks to identify new qualified and competitive suppliers.

Phalcon offers an array of business opportunities to pre-qualified subcontractors and suppliers. Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner to our success.

Please download and review the forms below, then follow submission instructions.

If you are a vendor supplying materials or a rental provider please complete:

  • Vendor Qualification Form

If you are a subcontractor, please complete:

  • Safety Pre-Qualification Form
  • Subcontractor Qualification Form

In addition to any requested affiliated materials, all vendors and subcontractors must also submit a current valid W-9 form with their package.


Filling out the supplier pre-qualification forms is your initial step in becoming a qualified Phalcon supplier. This process allows you to connect with our procurement team and get pre-qualified ahead of a potential collaboration opportunity.