American Heart Association recognizes Phalcon for workplace health achievement

Scientific, evidenced-based instrument rates, recognizes workplace health programs and workforce heart health

The results of the American Heart Association 2019 Workplace Health Achievement Index were announced last month and Phalcon achieved gold recognition for taking significant steps to build a culture of health in the workplace.

The American Heart Association created the Index with its CEO Roundtable, a leadership collaborative of more than 40 CEOs from some of America’s largest companies who are committed to applying evidence-based approaches to improve their employees’ overall health. The Index uses science-based best practices to evaluate the overall quality and comprehensiveness of their workplace health programs.  Studies show that worksites with a culture of health with comprehensive, evidence-based policies and programs, and senior leadership support are more likely to have engaged employees and a healthier, more productive workforce.

A unique feature of the Index is that it calculates an average heart health score for employees of participating companies that securely submit aggregate health data. Companies receive benchmarking reports, which allow them to identify potential areas of improvement so that they can advance their annual performance and recognition.

Phalcon developed its employee wellness program in 2012 and since then has been growing this employee benefit to ensure a comprehensive and multi-faceted view of well-being with focus on many dimensions including the following: physical, financial, social, occupational, emotional, and purpose.

Phalcon has moved from bronze recognition in 2017 to silver in 2018 and now to gold recognition on the index.  “Our goal is to provide resources and education for our employees so that they may work towards being their best self at work and at home,” says Program Manager, Christine Conroy. “Increasing our achievement level with the American Heart Association speaks to our continuously evolving program and the effort of our volunteer wellness committee across our offices.”

2019 Workplace Health Achievement Index Recognition by the Numbers

Of the organizations that completed the Index assessment, 938 were eligible for recognition at these levels:

  • 27% Gold
  • 26% Silver
  • 29% Bronze
  • 18% Completer

Phalcon CEO Michael McPhee says:

When employees and their families are healthy, the resultant employee engagement spurs creativity, productivity, and accomplishment. Phalcon’s health and wellness program is a key component supporting and creating an environment where each employee can live up to their potential. I’m thrilled by the gold recognition our program has received.

The Phalcon Wellness Program is open to all employees, their spouses, adult dependents or companions and incentives are available for engagement with program activities.  Learn more about the program at

About the American Heart Association

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For Media Inquiries:

Contact Christine Conroy, Phalcon Wellness Program Manager for more information.

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