Phalcon Earns Cigna Well-Being Award

The Phalcon Wellness Programwas a recipient of the 2017 Cigna Well-Being Award for the New England region. The Cigna Well-Being Award program offers a distinct honor recognizing clients who actively and positively impact the overall health and well-being of their population.

Phalcon was just one of two companies from the region to receive this honor at the 2017 Cigna Summit held at Gillette Stadium in July, and one of under twenty recipients throughout the entire nation.

Phalcon CEO Michael E. McPhee and program coordinator Christine Conroy received the award on behalf of the organization and both provided an impromptu acceptance speech. McPhee stated, “Our inclusion of all staff plus spouses and field personnel in our wellness program offerings helps set us apart from other programs.”

“For a volunteer wellness committee across our Phalcon locations, it’s is a huge honor to receive this award,” Conroy said.  “We have strategically mapped our program components with forward thinking and emphasis on preventive care to encourage better employee health and quality of life.”

The Phalcon Wellness Program was developed in early 2012 to improve employee health and well-being and has grown a very popular employee benefit in just five years.  Phalcon recognizes that employees perform their best when they are healthy and that optimal employee performance is necessary for Phalcon to be a leader in its field.

Kyle Chmielecki, Health Improvement Strategist, Cigna reflected on Phalcon’s award:

“Cigna’s Well-Being Award is not easy to achieve. To win, Phalcon had to beat out several competitors, demonstrate strong foundational, policy and environmental supports for well-being, and provide evidence of strong program implementation and improvements in population engagement. Despite this difficult task, Phalcon’s application demonstrated a strong commitment to securing the health and well-being of members of their workforce community. We believe that the inclusion of spouses, emphasis on preventive care, and outcomes-based approach pushed Phalcon head and shoulders above the competition.”

In Photo from Left:

Tony Tereso, Senior Account Manager, Cigna  |  Meghan Martinez, Director, Blue Back LLC  |  Christine Conroy, Wellness Program Coordinator, Phalcon, Ltd.  |  Michael McPhee, CEO, Phalcon, Ltd.  |  Eric Thompson, Principal, Blue Back, LLC  |  Rob Phillips, Sales Manager, Cigna  |  Kyle Chmielecki, Health Improvement Strategist, Cigna

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