Parkville Microgrid System in Hartford

McPhee’s Service Division recently completed work on the Parkville Microgrid System in Hartford, CT.

The project constructed a microgrid system powered by fuel cells that will help manage electricity costs and supply emergency power to a portion of the city’s Parkville neighborhood.  McPhee provided the manpower and expertise to complete underground electrical work, fuel cell AC and DC wiring, static and automatic transfer switch work, and installed and tested all of the communication including the fiber optic demark extension.

Due to owner supplied equipment delivery delays, the entire job was wired within just nine days by McPhee Service Electricians, a job that normally would have taken over 15 days!  Notable names on the project were Jeff Lachance (foreman), Pete Cunningham, Gary Drake, Mike McMerriman, Rob Ennen, Tommy D’nofrio and Trevor Albert.  Great job guys!

About the Microgrid System

During non-emergency operation, the 800-kilowatt microgrid system is designed to provide 100 percent of the electricity for Parkville Elementary School, Dwight Branch Library, Parkville Senior Center and Charter Oak Health Center. In the event of an electrical grid outage, the system will provide emergency power to these locations in addition to a local fuel station and grocery store. Excess electricity generated by the system will reduce electricity costs at four local schools: Bulkeley High School, Hartford High School, Weaver High School and the Sport and Medical Sciences Academy.  [From Bloom Energy]